Car Park Barrier

Car Park Arm Barriers are the highest quality barriers in the industry that work 100% compatible with both Meyer RFID Car Park Systems and different programs and systems. Prior investigation is made according to the specifications of the project, and the most suitable barrier system is offered to the customer.

Common Features of Our Arm Barriers

  • All of our barriers are weatherproof and have IP65 certification
  • Have an aesthetic, modern and minimalist look
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Have the most powerful barrier motor of the industry
  • 100% compatible with Meyer RFID automatic car park system and Meyer PACS system
  • Has 100% compatibility and integration with different car park software and hardware
  • Adjustable barrier arm speed Quick opening or slow closing adjustments for the barrier arm, if desired
  • High barrier arm security with extra sensors
  • Fast response time and immediate stop in case of an object under the arm
  • Loop integration for extra security
  • Automatic opening and closing through the software
  • Option of opening with manual button or remote control
  • Plate reading system, opening and closing with RFID tags
  • Quick supply and easy assembly of spare parts

Car Park Barriers

The parking lot management system consists of the following items as hardware and software.

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