Staff Card Access

Suprema Staff Card Readers

Meyer prefers the RFID Personnel Card Readers of the world's leading brand Suprema, made in South Korea in card access system. With multi-platform support, devices can read the Proximity cards with HDI, EM, Mifare, Desfire and Iclass features depending on the type of personnel cards. Personnel card reader devices include relays that control turnstile accesses and door locks.

Meyer personnel card readers are used in personnel entry-exit, access control, dining hall monitoring systems, visitor tracking systems and PACS software.

Personnel Card Reader Features

  • It has multi-platform and frequency support that can read Proximity cards with HDI, EM, Mifare, Desfire, Iclass features.
  • Water and dust resistant outdoor and indoor device options in IP65 standard according to the project specifications.
  • Card reader devices can be locally used for unlocking turnstiles or opening doors. These local operations are logged with time stamps in the devices, they can be examined at any time through software and their settings can be changed.
  • In systems to be used online, PACS and ACS software can be directly integrated; turnstile, door accesses can be directly connected to the relay.
  • Plenty of spare parts and quick support
  • Easy integration with many programs with API support

Personnel Card Access Systems

Personnel card reader devices can be used for determining the entry-exit times of the personnel, for defining the entry-exit permits to the authorized areas in the company, for the payments in the cafeteria or the dining hall with PACS or ACS systems according to the purpose of use.
As long as the personnel card readers placed in the entry and exit points, in areas such as the determined door, turnstile or access point reads the card of the personnel, the personnel card IDs are transferred to the software with time stamps. Card IDs received with these time stamps are then transferred to PACS "personnel attendance control" and ACS "access control system" software. Through this software; authorities, entry and exit times, break times, payments and overtime fees of personnel can be calculated. Our software can work online through desktop or internet.

Personnel cards are prepared with laser printing technique. On the 85x54 mm personnel cards; there are company logo, personnel picture and personnel information within the frame of the company's demand. This colorful structure is prepared to represent the corporateness of the company and is always carried by the personnel.

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