S2100 Controller Two Door Control Panel

S2100, reinvention of conventional access controller. The S2100 access control panel is a very affordable and user friendly system. It has been designed to cater for all your needs from card expiry date checking, access level, time zone, antipassbackand many more to help you supervise and manage your office doors efficiently, effectively and professionally.

S2100 employs a compact and reliable design concept. This modular approach allows you to minimize the cost of ownership.
Hassle free operation, installation, maintenance offer a convincing perspective. S2100 reduces length user training with easy to learn, and easy to install. The reliability of the system minimize user time spend.

EntryPass's new controller S.2000 is designed to cater for the future expansion and it is a new generation controller. Packed with even more powerful features, capabilities, and most importantly, saving installation time and easy commissioning. One of the hallmark that included in this controller is the supervised alarm input/output points.

Strong enough to manage up to 2000 users and store 3000 events at the controller memory, S.2000 is pretty suitable in most of the application. If user found that they required even more memory, the board is upgrade-able to 20,000 users and 30,000 events memory.

The S.2000 controller is configurable as 1 door or 2 doors mode. While catering for the cost factor, S.2000 controller does not compromise from the security aspect by maintaining secure installation.

Not only serving as door access controller, S.2000 controller is designed to serve as car park access controller as well. It can manage of 1 entry and 1 exit barrier access. Card expired checking feature is definitely included. When the car park is full, an indicator output is provided to tell the car park operator the situation.

The S.2000 controller is built with 4 supervised alarm input zones and 1 alarm output zone. This enable the user to performed the alarm monitoring function by using a single controller.

All S.2000 controller are configured by using EntryPass Systems' acclaimed EntryPass Solution Access Control System Software. LCD and keypad is also applicable as the alternate configuration tool.

EntryPass system is a user-friendly access control system, perfect for managing access control applications from 1 to 128 doors, at a single site or multiple sites through TCP/IP network.

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