Morse Watchmans, the most recognized name in security management products and the innovators of the original The Boss®, brings to you the Morse Watchmans PowerCheck®, an easy to use, durable, computerized guard tour system. It is designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents throughout your facility. This system allows you to make sure your officers are making the rounds and will provide you with back-up documentation. PowerCheck gives you the most functional and effortless guard tour system your money can buy. Best of all, Morse Watchmans offers you industry-leading warranties and exclusive lifetime support for the PowerCheck Guard Tour System.

Morse Stations are guaranteed for life! Any system is only as good as its weakest point, usually that means the checkpoint stations. Other button systems fall off, get easily damaged and are usually the weakest point of a system. NOT with PowerCheck! We've made sure that they are tested tough - so they stand up to man & nature. Even if the surface has been vandalized, the stations will still function to your expectations. Works anywhere The station's compact design and size gives it the ability to blend into any environment. They attach with special tamper proof screws. If you want to paint them to match the walls... go ahead they still work!

Should you lose the use of your data recorder because it has been lost, stolen or in the need of repair, we will quickly get a temporary replacement in your hands. This special loaner program is assured to you for the life of your PowerCheck (Maintance Agreement). Our expert technicians will have your damaged unit back to you repaired within 48 hours of receipt.

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