Hand Biometrics


The product line-up of Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System (VP-II™) is the result of innovative biometrics person identification technology. This revolutionary technology originated from a conventional vein pattern recognition system. The system verifies or recognises human users by utilising a state-of-the-art recognition algorithm based on hand vascular pattern extracted by an infrared optical sensor system. The system is believed to change the paradigm of the biometrics system market through its System Usability. Experts' analyses show the lack of System Usability is a major technical obstacle preventing market dissemination of biometrics technology.

As stated, the major innovation in VP-II™ technology is its ultimate Usability, which is 99.98%. Usability means the percentage of unspecified adult population that is capable of using a system. Considering the Usability of a fingerprint-based biometrics system is about 95% (i.e., one out of twenty adults cannot use a fingerprint-based system for various reasons), VP-II™ provides incomparable Usability performance. In addition to the Usability, VP-II™ s performance figures such as FAR, FRR, and verification speed outperform all other existing biometrics systems. .

The capability to sense the user's temperature pattern is another VP-II™ s outstanding feature as a biometrics system. This capability prevents, in its entirety, enrolment of non-biometric patterns and fraudulent use of biometrics features. In addition, the sensor requires no physical contact, so that it provides excellent convenience, sanitary use, and prevents copying system-residual biometrics patterns. In conclusion, the line-up of VP-II™ products shall become the ultimate high performance, affordable biometrics system, especially in high volume and high usage applications such as in immigration control applications.

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