Road Blocker

Road Blocker Barrier System

Road Blocker is used for vehicle access control in areas where high security is required. Vehicles that refuse to stop turn to scrap at the moment of hitting the roadblocker. Unauthorized vehicle entry is impossible. In this way, high security is provided in the vehicle access.

Meyer installed road blocker to the vehicle entry areas of airports, embassies, ministries, government buildings, military areas, and Turkey's largest oil production plants, particularly several holding buildings; and they have been operating for years without any problems.

Our Road Blockers and Bollards

  • Durable structure with high density Steel Case
  • Fast reaction and short opening and closing times with multiple hydraulic system
  • Designed for outdoor environment, fully weatherproof, IP65 certified production
  • 100% compatible with Meyer RFID automatic car park system and Meyer PACS system
  • Has 100% compatibility and integration with different software and hardware.
  • Loop integration for extra security
  • Automatic opening and closing through the software
  • Opening and closing with manual button and remote control
  • Opening and closing with plate reading system and RFID tags

Road Blocker

road blocker systems


bollard barrier
The car park management system consists of the following hardware and software items.

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