About Us

Meyer Inc. is a leading provider of time and attendance software and hardware solutions for over 10,000 mid to large sized businesses. Meyer delivers the lowest total cost of ownership of any time and labor management company with free version upgrades, unparalleled support and our lifetime software guarantee. Meyer is serving excellent service to their privileged customers since 1878.

1878Wolfang Meyer Invited to Ottoman Land by Sultan

1923First Office had been builed in Tünel Karaköy Istanbul.

1929Emill Meyer Take over the business

1923Emill Meyer yönetime geçti.

1930Watchman Clocks imported from Isgus Germany

1935Punch Clocks for Turkish Insdustry imported from Germany

1946Johann Meyer keeping the success further

1959Meyer sold the 100.000 product

1975Nahsen Bayindir employeed by J. Meyer

1982First electro mechanic time card machines imported.

1985Nahsen Bayindir became the CEO

1989First PC based time&attendance systems translated in Turkish

1994Meyer Awarded by goverment

1999Turkey met with biometric solutions by Meyer.

2000Software department established

2004The Biggest Biometric Project had done in Turkey

2005Meyer Time&Attendance Software is transleted into different langugaes for the world market.

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