Thermal Camera

Fever Measurement System with Thermal Camera

The most common symptom of Corona "Covid - 19" virus is the increase in body temperature. The use of thermal cameras is the easiest method to detect human body temperature in areas with intense human traffic, requiring continuous service such as airports, military institutions, government offices, health services, factories, business centers, plazas and shopping centers.

Since 1878, Meyer always prioritized quality in its long-term services provided for several governmental institutions and more than 80% of the best 500 companies of Turkey. Our sensitivity on health has even doubled the importance we attach to quality. For this reason, we preferred the best thermal camera producer in the world, and 100% South Korea products.

Termal Kamera

Thermal Camera Features

  • 100% South Korea Production and South Korea Quality
  • High accuracy measurement values
  • Ability to measure persons with or without mask
  • Simultaneous measurement of more than one access
  • Ability to make alarm and zone settings
  • Integration with turnstiles, access systems and kiosks
  • Portable and flexible structure
  • Extensive reporting options
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