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Fingerprint Recognition System

Operating in the highly sensitive security field, Meyer takes this sensitivity into account and prefers to work with the industry's best and highest quality manufacturers. Considering this sensitivity in also supplying Biometric Fingerprint Reading Devices, Meyer obtained the sole Turkish distributorship of Suprema INC, that was established in South Korea and that became the world's emerging technology manufacturer as a result of its R&D researches.

Being active in 120 countries, Suprema's shares are on the Korea stock exchange, one of the biggest stock exchanges of the world, as KOSDAQ 094840 and Suprema is referred to as the Secret Champion of the Korea stock exchange. It is the only biometric technology company traded in the world.

Suprema Fingerprint Reading Devices

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Suprema Fingerprint Systems

Suprema Fingerprint Reading Devices has the fingerprint reading sensors with high sensitivity, which are entirely produced by Suprema. These sensors with superior features include a fingerprint recognition algorithm that is embedded in the device and has multi-point recognition feature. With features such as high sensitivity, fast recognition, high accuracy; this algorithm has the leading technology that has been bringing the award to Suprema in the category of fingerprint recognition technologies since 2004.

Being one of the few companies producing fingerprint reader sensor, SUPREMA is the company that makes the biggest amount of R&D investment in the Biometric sector. It possesses the biggest number of patents in this field.

Meyer chose to work with the world leader Suprema in the biometric recognition industry because of the importance it places on quality, its high operating efficiency, safety, warranty conditions and ease of use.

  • Recognition Time : The recognition time of the fingerprint by the device is only 0.3 seconds.
  • System Language : Voice guidance and warning In 14 Languages Including English.
  • Operation : Ability to work independently and online through the network.
  • Suprema fingerprint readers offer a unique performance in access systems with advanced fingerprint sensor and award-winning algorithm. It has the highest accuracy rate in the biometric industry and has the fastest fingerprint recognition and verification time.
  • One of the most important features of Suprema products is that the finger of the user does not directly touch the sensor. There is a protective glass in the sensor and finger reading area, this way, the extremely sensitive sensor of the device is not affected by external factors such as oil, dirt. Thanks to this patented feature, the extremely sensitive fingerprint reading sensors have an extremely long life.
  • Integration : Fingerprint recognition system can be  easily integrated  to your existing system (Personnel card pacs or similar systems). It offers both ease of connection and ease of use through the network.

How Does the Fingerprint Recognition System Work ?

The tip region of the fingers has been uniquely created in accordance with human biometry. It is the most reliable encryption method since the same or similar structure can never be found in other people. Indents and protrusions at the fingertips are similar to a biometric map.
Fingerprint reading devices create an encryption algorithm by detecting the distance between these indentations and protrusions, the angles of the folds and the distance of certain points to each other.
When the fingerprint is re-read on the device, it is paired with the records saved in the algorithm of the device and the fingerprint recognition process is completed.


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