Vein Recognition

Vein Recognition Devices

Being the industry leader and offering special solutions for each customer in the field of biometric identification, Meyer brought the first vein recognition devices of Turkey after the Fingerprint Recognition, Face recognition and Iris (eye recognition) recognition

Following all the innovations in the sector, acquiring the demos of all newly released devices and testing them within the company; once the product quality and reliability has been approved and the product is localized according to the conditions in Turkey, Meyer offers it as an alternative solution to its customers. Our vein recognition devices are capable of 99.98% successful scanning and matching. Despite this success rate, structures that do not match to a certain extent are defined as not identified and the access is not allowed.

Vein Recognition System General Features

System Functioning

This revolutionary technology was born out of the traditional biological vein pattern recognition system. The system creates the biometric map of the vein structure on the hand with infrared rays and converts it into numerical values with the algorithm. Then, it is based on matching of the data in the algorithm with the data read from the personnel's hand. In environments where fingerprints are deformed or difficult to use, we offer iris recognition as an alternative biometric recognition solution of face recognition.

Success in Identification

This developed technology received the award of "the most innovative invention" in biometric field. The result of the error-free matching and safety test of VP-II vein recognition devices is 99.98% (This rate obtained is the result of the tests on adults). The 99.98% success rate of the VP-II™ Vein recognition device has the same success rate as the fingerprint recognition technology. In addition to its usability, performance of VP-II™ is higher than all existing Biometric systems in terms of FAR, FRR and recognition speed.

Vein Recognition
Vein Recognition Devices
Vein Recognition system
Vein Recognition Superior Features

Another striking feature of VP-II is that it analyzes the vein temperature of the user. This feature makes copying impossible. In addition, the system detects inanimate hand tissues instantly and reports them as invalid readings or alarms. In addition, the user's hand does not touch the sensor of the VP-II directly, thereby providing excellent comfort, quick reading and hygienic use. As a result, VP-II™ products are among our high performance biometric solutions. It is preferred especially in applications where the number of users is high and fingerprints are deformed.

VP-II Offers Maximum Usability.

According to world biometric market analysis, the biggest problem in biometric systems is usability. VP-II needs minimum user effort and knowledge.

High Performance, Ergonomic Structure

The security level of the VP-II reader has the same success rate as all other advanced biometric readers. In addition to this high performance, it has an extremely comfortable ease of use. It is successfully used in cut hands, difficult environments, construction sites, military facilities and factories where fingerprints are deformed.

VP-II network system application

It can be used alone in sets such as doors or turnstiles, or online in network environment.
It can be used as biometric password controller in access control systems or as biometric personnel identifier in personnel attendance control systems.
Double data back-up - Data is backed up in a double database.
It can control the doors in emergency situations.
Additional biometric readers can be easily added to the system thanks to the simple system expansion.
Thanks to The VP-II NetControl application, user information can be sent to all VP-II reader devices in the system quickly.
With its user-friendly design; network settings, door monitoring and taking access data logs can be made easily.

Hand Vein Scanning Device Advantages

Uniqueness - Including the hands of identical twins
Stability - Biometric recognition success rate does not change even after a long time
Success - 99.98%, High Recognition success rate
Performance - Fast identification
Usability - User-friendly application on both personnel and controller side
Security - Inimitable vein structure and warning system against inanimate hand tissues


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