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Suprema FaceStation Face Recognition Device

Advanced technology :Thanks to Suprema FaceStation's 1.3 ghz processor, it performs 4 times faster face reading than its nearest competitor and makes identification within the system. Moreover, it performs the face recognition in 3 dimensions with such speed, not in 2 dimensions as its competitors do. By scanning more reference points on the face, this method provides the highest level of security.

Thanks to its advanced optical technology and 3D face model algorithm system, several images of face are captured from different angles. The images obtained are combined with a special algorithm embedded to the device and transformed into real-time three-dimensional images. With this special identification algorithm, Suprema FaceStation provides a better result comparing to other recognition systems; and with its processor power; completes the recognition process as soon as possible.

Flexible : Suprema FaceStation is designed to operate in almost all kinds of environments. It can operate day and night, and tolerate various light environments. Thanks to its 3D face recognition algorithm; the identification process works smoothly, even in cases involving "hair, beard, head scarf, glasses".

Compatible : Suprema FaceStation is compatible with your existing access control systems. With Wiegand protocol, it can be connected to any system or security devices such as turnstiles and barriers. Proximities and other Biometric readers can also be connected to Suprema FaceStation Face Recognition Device with the same protocol. It can be easily integrated into your existing computer programs.

Easy : With optimal flexibility, face recognition records can be easily obtained in 1 second. While the LCD screen on the face recognition device allows the personnel to see themselves, it provides a quality recognition process with guidance. With its API support, face recognition software can be easily integrated into many software and devices.

Biometric systems are the safest way to control the access of unauthorized people from certain points. Face recognition through Biometric systems is the safest, easiest and most reliable way of identification. Thanks to 3D face recognition technology, Suprema FaceID identifies by means of advanced security stages. The door or turnstile opens after the authorization is approved.

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Face Recognition Software and Program Integration

The face recognition and verification processes take place in the device with the award-winning algorithm of Suprema FaceStation. Verified data is exported from the device, this way it can be easily integrated with different software used by human resources, finance and management departments. Within the framework of company-specific or sector-specific needs, it is possible to make modifications within Meyer PACS software or between the integrated software, or to design new modules.

How Does the Face Recognition System Work?

Initially, the faces of the personnel are scanned and identified to the system in 3D with the high-resolution cameras on the device. Reference points are determined on the 3D image and converted into numerical data via the face recognition algorithm.

This algorithm, which can be named as biometric facial map, measures the distances between reference points (can be simply expressed as the proportion of nose to eyes, eye to eye, eye to chin) with extremely high precision. These reference points (proportions) are similar to the fingerprint of a person, they are unique and specific to that person. Thanks to the face recognition device; these features, which cannot be distinguished by the human eye, are transformed into a unique biometric identification system.

Face Recognition System map

Registered faces, whose reference points are converted into numerical data by algorithm, are saved to the system database. As soon as the face is read again, the face is recognized in about 1 second and data verification is performed. Verified data is transferred to the desired program by means of the API.


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