Iris recognition

How Does the Iris Recognition System Work?

Just like fingerprint, the iris layer in the eye is unique to the person. This structure on the iris layer is mapped by means of eye recognition devices that have high resolution sensors. This structure cannot be noticed with the human eye and it is different in the eye of each person. The iris structure completes its development within a few months following the birth and the structure of the iris does not change throughout life. Therefore, this is a biometric recognition system with high reliability.

The personnel information defined only once and the biometric map created after eye scanning are stored by the algorithm in the device. Then, each reading is compared to the records in the device and the identification process is realized. Device's recognition success is 99%.

Iris Recognition System General Features

Recognition Time

In the eye recognition system, recognition of the biometric structure of the eye -verification and transfer time of this verified data- is only 0.3 seconds.

Iris Recognition fingerprint
Iris Recognition
Iris Recognition System
System Language

It has voice guidance and warnings in 14 languages including English.


Ability to work independently, locally and online through the network

Data storage

Ability to store 5.025 users in device memory when operating independently. Ability to store 10.025 user data as standard by sending "log records" of verified data when operating online. Expandable memory options for higher memory requirement on project basis


Our eye recognition devices transmit the verified data. In this way, it is 100% compatible and offered as a package with Meyer personnel attendance control system and Meyer access control software. When you require adding a biometric reader to your existing personnel attendance control, access control or human resources software; integration is easily made with the API support.


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