PACS Software

Staff Attendance Control System Software

Personnel Attendance Control Systems

PACS "Personnel attendance control system" starts with the recording of the entry and exit of the personnel from the designated control points with time stamp and with PACS devices. The complete process of online transfer of these records to PACS program, analysis of these reports, reporting as a result of the analysis, transferring the reports to human resources, finance programs is called the PACS system.

  • What time does the personnel come to work? Are they late ?
  • What time does personnel leave the work? Are there any early exits ?
  • At what intervals and in which shift does the personnel work ?
  • How many hours does the personnel work?
  • Are you able to monitor the amount of effectiveness of the personnel ?
  • Are your working hours and shifts in compliance with the laws ?
  • Are you able to monitor overtime, leave, absenteeism ?
  • Are you able to calculate overtime, leaves, late arrivals and their reflection on salary ?
  • What is the level of your quality in transferring your calculated data to finance, human resources ?
  • How much time do you spend on all these processes ?

You can have positive answers to all these questions and much more only with the Meyer PDKS software

Personnel Attendance Control System PACS Components

PACS Devices

The PACS system basically consists of two main units, the first of which is the PACS data entry devices. These devices, which perform tasks such as recording the acts of the personnel, transferring the acts to the software, are selected according to the project as fingerprint reader devices, face recognition devices and personnel card systems.

PACS Software

Meyer PACS program is the industry's most advanced program in terms of content, which has been continuously developed for many years with the experience of working with thousands of enterprises, from holdings to SMEs. Thanks to the modular design of Meyer PACS program; custom demands from the sector and companies were met by adding modules, without modifying the core of the program. In this way, Turkey's arguably the most comprehensive, and hence the most responsive software emerged. Thanks to these modules, simple or advanced program installations or upgrades can be made according to the demands of the company.

The software, which we have adapted to developing software technologies as quickly as possible, can be easily integrated into programs such as human resources, timekeeping, finance, oracle, ERP or CRM with various APIs, and send or receive data.
It has a wide framework that can be used online, through the internet or in a closed network as a desktop software.

  • Our PACS program can work on the local computer and online with the Web version.
  • Our Web PACS version is completely cloud based "Cloud PACS".
  • Mobile PACS: Our PACS program is always with you with our Android and IOS applications.
  • Flexible structure that is 100% in compliance with labor laws and quickly adapts current law changes.
  • Meyer PACS program was developed based on Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL database is used for data recording.
  • Database was designed with completely associated tables and an object-oriented design was made.
  • Has a structure to facilitate easy backup for customer.
  • A modular and convenient structure specific to sector or company.
  • All modules are stored in a single database.
  • Synchronous use with the internet-based web version and desktop version.
  • Can be used online or offline in a closed network.
  • Preparing demand-specific reports
  • Daily, monthly and yearly performance reports
  • Warning system for shift, overtime and normal working hours within the framework of the law
  • Detection of problematic personnel with habits such as absenteeism, late arrival, early leaving.

Meyer is the company with the biggest number of qualified and trained personnel in the sector. Thus, it has the personnel and call center that provides extremely fast feedback on training and support. With the gravity of being in the sector for many years and providing service to many companies, the quality of the service is at the highest level thanks to the fact that qualified personnel are employed in the company for a long time.

Meyer PACS Program General Features

  • Easy to use - User friendly interface
  • Flexible - Custom modules for each sector
  • Robust - MS SQL Database
  • Secure - User based access rights, working in closed network.
  • Accessibility - Web-based services, desktop, mobile
  • Integrated - Easy integration into many programs with API support
  • Fast - Powerful infrastructure developed with Microsoft .net language.
  • Powerful - Flexible reports with Crystal Report support
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