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Guard Tour System | Security Tour Control Device

Security Tour Control System

One of Meyer's bestselling devices in the security industry for more than 100 years, guard tour control watch, with its new name guard tour system or security patrol control pen is used in many governmental institutions and companies requiring high security, especially in the Turkish Army.

Meyer GTM-2G Security Tour Control Pen
Security Tour Control Systems

It is the most preferred security tour control device in our country. It has an extremely durable structure and practical use. It is easy to carry for the security guard, very simple to take security tour - patrol report for security supervisors. It is preferred for patrol control in several different fields; in shopping malls for security personnel, in factories for guards, etc.; especially in many public institutions that require high security.

Meyer GTM-2G Features

Warranty Period : Two years
Fall and impact sensor : The sensors used to especially detect the impacts against security guards due to acts of abuse.
Special Screw Stations : Special screw stations protected against moving by security personnel.
Electroshock Resistant : Structure resistant to electroshock impacts due to external factors or acts of abuse.
300.000 reads without charge : Energy efficiency with 300.000 readings on a single charge.
Clock Indicator : Clock on LED display of the device.
Contactless Reading : Fast reading from close range without the need for device contact at the stations.
Data transfer via wireless and USB :USB and wireless data transfer options for data acquisition and reporting through the device.
Automatic Email Reporting : Automatic data reporting with wireless data.
Exact Tour Control : Exact tour control for tour period and station..
Security Guard Monitoring : Security guard tracking system with report.
Waterproof : Waterproof structure against natural and abuse act conditions.

Meyer GT5 Security Patrol Control Device
GPS GT4 güvenlik devriye tur kontrol sistemi

GT5 is a special device developed by Meyer software engineers as a solution to the needs of our customers as per their feedbacks.
In addition to traditional security patrol control devices, GT5 device has the features of detecting the actions of security personnel such as fainting, falling, and sending an instant alarm to security supervisors, allowing communication with the push-to-talk feature, sending photos, videos, sounds from the patrol location or event scene.

Our GT5 devices are cloud-based and designed so that security supervisors can access them from any point with an internet connection at any time. Reports can be taken online; thanks to the GPS tracking feature, the security guard's location in the patrol can be seen on the map, and audible or visual notifications can be sent to all security guards instantly.

GT5 Security Patrol Tour Control Device Features
IP68 : With its specially designed case, it is resistant to dropping, breaking, impacts and rain or water.
Fainting Sensor : Thanks to the balance sensors, sends alarm to security supervisors in cases of fall, impact, fainting of security personnel
Push-to-Talk : One-touch push-to-talk feature that facilitates communication between security personnel and supervisors
Sending Photo - Video : Sending photos, videos, or sounds from the patrol or incident point.
Notifications : Security supervisors are able to send instant notifications to all personnel on tour or to the specific personnel
Cloud Infrastructure : Online monitoring of devices with the cloud-based system and access to the management panel from devices connected to the internet.
Alarms : Notifications on delayed or bypassed points with advanced alarm and reminder settings.
User Friendly : Thanks to its simple interface, using and reporting without personnel training requirement
RFID : Reading contactless RFID points from 3 - 5 cm distance with 125 KHz. For fixed areas at control and patrol points
GPS : You can follow your personnel from the map on the internet browser.
GPRS : Location information is instantly updated with internal GPS data and transmitted online.
Phone : Being able to speak only to the registered supervisor or authorized person over the phone.
Alarm : One-touch audible alarm.
Sensor : Device impact sensor, man down sensor
SMS : Sending messages to predefined supervisors or personnel in emergencies or for information purposes
Device : 150 g weight Li-Polymer 2400 mAh 5V 1A
OffLine : Ability to work in offline mode. It can keep 5000 reads in its memory. 24 hours tour with one charge


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