Personnel Attendance Control Systems

Meyer Staff Attendance Control Systems PACS

PDKS System

PACS is the abbreviation of Staff Attendance Control System. It involves recording the entry and exit times of the personnel and calculation of the reports such as the status of attendance, overtime, shift times, access permits to certain areas in the company, and calculation of salaries based on these records.

PACS System consists of two parts.
A. Data entry devices where personnel entry and exit data will be received.
B. PACS - Personnel Attendance Control Program.

A - PACS Devices

These are the devices that enable to record personnel's entry and exit times, and to transfer this data to the software. Our devices are Fingerprint Readers, Face Recognition Devices and Personnel Card Reading Devices. The most suitable option for the specific needs of the company should be selected. Devices have high sensitivity since they have data entry path. In this regard, Meyer offers its customers the best device solutions in the industry instead of Chinese-made devices that will cause troubles and data loss. Meyer is the only distributor of the world's leading South Korean brand Suprema in Fingerprint Recognition System and Face Recognition Devices.

B - PDKS Software

The date and time of personnel entry and exit are recorded by the device through personnel card or fingerprint reading of PACS devices. Reading time is transferred from the devices to the PDKS Software together with the Registry ID of the personnel. PDKS is a software that processes the data such as late attendance, overtime, shift changes, leave times, timekeeping, absenteeism with these time tags; and reports monthly salary payments or the performance of the personnel. The important thing here is that the data coming from the devices is as accurate as possible. As long as the accurate data is received; software changes, rules and reports can be prepared specific to the company needs.

The Meyer PDKS software developed by MeWare,the software development firm owned by Meyer A.Ş., is the most advanced program in the industry. With its advanced structure and rich module options, Meyer PDKS is able to meet the needs of all companies in Turkey; from big holding companies to small sized enterprises.

General features of the software
  • MSSQL database infrastructure
  • Access over the Internet, "Web Module"
  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Instant update in parallel with amendments in laws
  • Data backup
  • Long-term maintenance contract
  • Sector Specific Package Programs
  • Automatic calculation of salary payments with integration to accounting software
  • Integration with software such as ERP, CRM
  • Data transfer from other PACS or software used
  • Company-specific module development
  • Effective use of the PACS program with customized reports
  • Forwarding special reports by e-mail or other channels
  • Fast notification of illegal personnel acts with alarms
  • Soonest remote or on-site support with extensive software support team
  • Face to face software training
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