Staff Cards

How Do the Personnel Card Systems Work?

Meyer Card PACS Solution consists of 3 main components. Personnel Cards, Card Reader and PACS Software.


Card readers vary depending on the selected card. The card reader should be of the same type with the card to be used. Magnetic, Barcode, Proximity, Mifare and Iclass Readers Are Available.


Although the size of all the cards is 85x54mm, each has a different technology. Cards should be selected specific to the application area. Personnel's photo and information can be printed on all card types. Each personnel scans her/his own card to the card reader on arrival and departure. The time and date of the record is simultaneously sent to the software database online and stored. Reporting can be made from desired PC or through internet at any time.

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Software should be selected according to the size of your enterprise. COMPACT for small enterprises, STANDARD for medium enterprises, and PRO for large enterprises. The software was developed entirely in Microsoft languages. Microsoft SQL database was preferred.

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