Parking Management

Parking Management System

They log in with automatic passage system. RFID Tags given to the parking lot members are authorized with software permissions and only vehicles with permission can enter and exit during the authorized hours.

You can easily make the necessary authorization for the software managed system and control the need of the car park very easily. In addition, with detailed reporting options; such as daily and monthly escape check-in, how long you use the car-based car park, under which conditions, which entrance is available.

Meyer Parking Management System Features
rfid otopark yönetim sistemi

  • 500/4000/8000/20.000 Vehicle Capacity
  • Waterproof
  • 20cm/1m/10 Meters Reading Distance
  • Reading Capacity at 0/20 / 200km Speed
  • Adjustable Reading Distance
  • Multichannel frequency support
  • Various Interfaces
  • Tolerance Between -30 / + 60 Degrees
  • 500/4000/8000 / 20.000 Vehicle Capacity
  • Ability to Work Online / Offline
  • Time Restriction Capability
Basic equipment in Car Parking Control and Management System with RFID

RFID Antenna : Allows RFID signals to spread and re-read.
RFID Tags : Loads ID Numbers in RFID signals
RFID Reader : Identifies the signals received through antennas.
Computer Software : Identifies the signals from the RFID Reader.
Parking Barrier : It provides Entry and Exit of Vehicles defined RFID Tag.

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